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"Knowledge is twofold and consists not only in an affirmation of what is true, but in the negation of what is false."

~ Charles Caleb

"One of the things cops learn first is that everyone lies. Some people to hide things, some people just for the hell of it, but everyone lies. Assume that everyone is hiding something, it saves time."

~ Laurell K Hamilton

"He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips: betrayal oozes out of him from every pore.”

 ~ Sigmund Freud



AIS Training

The Analytical Interview System Course is a commercially-available off-the-shelf training course and is also GSA-approved and listed in the GSA schedule (GSA schedule pricing is based upon CONUS-based 3 and 5 day training courses).

The Analytical Interview System™ was designed to provide the requisite skills to systematically apply proven and effective kinesics/behavioral and other interview/interrogation techniques in a logical manner, thereby resulting in the acquisition of verifiable and actionable information.  AIS™ is a multi-phase interview and analytical system used to improve the communication process, and provides the skills required to conduct more efficient and effective interviews, interrogations and debriefings. 

The foundation of the AIS process rests upon basic behaviors of human beings and their diverse communication styles, which are often overlooked during interviews/interrogations.  During the AIS™ training course students are exposed to common human communication characteristics, as well as other unique behaviors used by non-specific subsets of the overall population.  The identification and study of foundational human behaviors is used as a basis for determining whether an individual is being truthful, deceptive or simply evasive.  Diagnostic interview techniques including vocal behaviors, written statement content and body language are provided during the course.  The course also includes instruction regarding the distinction between an Interview/Interrogation, when each is appropriate, different techniques applied to each situation, proper room environment, evaluating attitudes and behavior, techniques to engage and retain attention, factors affecting behavior, paralinguistic behavior, basic questioning techniques - including how to ask behavior provoking questions and presenting alternative questions. 

Additionally, the topics of positive confrontation, handling denials and overcoming objections are addressed.  Through the use of the AIS™ process the interviewer will be able to determine: the identification of an individual’s personality and rule system; analyze and manage an individual’s five basic responses to stress; identify truthful and deceptive behaviors; and utilize a deceptive individual’s emotional and cognitive denial efforts to obtain valid and actionable information.

The following major topics are included in AIS course:

  • An introduction to the AIS Process

  • Setting up the Interview

  • Self Initiated Verbal Behaviors

  • Body Language (Kinesics)

  • Personality Profiling

  • Additional Diagnostic Systems

  • Statement Analysis

  • The Defense Barrier Removal Technique

  • The Process/Step Interviewing Technique

  • Themes and Analogies

  • Analytical Interview Tools

  • Team Interviewing

  • Current Interview Research and Methods

  • Scenarios and Practical Exercises

To register for an upcoming AIS class please go to AIS Schedule page.



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